Q. How do I get one of your vending machines?

A. Just call +61 488 100 075 or contact us via hello@loosechangevendingco.com.au. We’ll take care of everything, starting with a relaxed, no obligation on site consultation to determine the machine that best suits your needs.


Q. What if our vending machine has a problem?

A. In the unlikely event of machine malfunction, simply contact our aftercare service— VENDASSIST® +61 488 100 075, and leave the details requested. We promptly investigate any recorded fault.


Q. What types of payment do your machines accept?

A. Our vending machines accept Australian currency—coins and notes—and give exact change when due. Options enabling the latest cashless technologies are also available.


Q. How often do you re-stock your machines?

A. We perform pre-planned visits at least once a week for re-stocking and routine equipment maintenance. Before leaving we will also clean your vending machine. The frequency may vary from time to time depending on seasonal factors, accessibility and staff availability.


Q. Can we choose which products are stocked by our machine?

A. Definitely. We offer a long list of standard products from which to choose, plus the option to stock other items, depending upon availability and cost. If products do not sell well, we’ll automatically introduce you to alternatives.


Q. Do you really provide your vending machines free of charge?

A. Absolutely! There’s no catch, no ongoing fees and no hidden charges. Vending machines run on electricity, obviously, but are as energy efficient as a modern household refrigerator. Beyond that, the only time you’ll put your hand in your pocket is to buy a snack or drink from the machine itself.


Q. Do I need to sign a contract?

A. We’re so confident you’ll be delighted by our service that we don't feel it necessary. We’ll suggest you have your machine on site for at least three months to build awareness, but other than that, all we ask is that you keep an eye on it. If you do require a contract, however, we’re happy to oblige.


Q. Do you pay rent or ‘kickbacks’ to get your vending machines on a premises?

A. Not usually, as we provide an all-inclusive service. Should you require a contract, the option can be explored.


Q. How much will the vending machine cost us?

A. We deliver, install and maintain our vending machines free of charge. At all times they remain the property of Loose Change Vending Co.


Q. What’s included in your 'all-inclusive service’?

A. We supply, install, set up, re-stock, service, clean and maintain our vending machines. Loose Change Vending Co owns the machines and the products sold through them at all times.


Q. How do I know which vending machine to choose?

A. A Loose Change Vending Co. representative will help you choose your vending machine and the best place to locate it on your premises. Generally speaking, you would need 15 people or more for a small unit, and upwards of 35 for a larger one.


Q. How long will it take for our machine to arrive?

A. We deliver, install and set up a machine usually within 5-10 working days of receiving the order.


Q. Will the low product prices increase after the vending machine has been installed?

A. No. Product prices will only increase if our suppliers raise their prices. Our prices will always be cheaper than store prices.


Q. Are your vending machines new? (We don’t want an old, out of date vending machine on our premises!)

A. Yes. We supply new vending machines to all our new customers. Machines that start to look out of date or a little worse for wear are retired.


Q. I have a question that’s not answered in your FAQs?

A. Please call us on +61 488 100 075 or contact us via hello@loosechangevendingco.com.au. We’re here to help.